Salaries in Nigeria in Australian dollars

510 A$

Average salary in Nigeria

On 1 April 2023 salary in Nigeria is 510 A$. In micro enterprises with up to 15 employees, the average salary is 300 A$, in small businesses with up to 100 employees - 460 A$, and in medium-sized companies with more than 100 employees 560 A$. In large in Nigeria enterprises with more than 250 employees, the salary is 710 A$. In the public domain in Nigeria the average salary is 410 A$.

Average Salaries in Nigeria in 2023 and 2022

Average salary in Nigeria in 2022 was 490 A$ and in 2023 it was 510 A$. Growth in average salary in Nigeria for the year amounted to 15 A$.


Company size (number of employees)
Monthly salary (net)
Large companies (250+)
710 A$
Medium Companies (up to 250)
560 A$
Small companies (up to 100)
460 A$
Micro Enterprises (up to 15)
300 A$
Public Sphere
410 A$


Company size (number of employees)
Monthly salary (net)
Large companies (250+)
690 A$
Medium Companies (up to 250)
540 A$
Small companies (up to 100)
440 A$
Micro Enterprises (up to 15)
290 A$
Public Sphere
390 A$


place is occupied by Nigeria in the ranking of countries by salaries

Salaries in Nigeria by industry

We are calculating the average salary in Nigeria by areas of activity based on vacancies posted in the public domain, as well as information from users living in in Nigeria.


Average Salaryin the education system in Nigeria is from 280 A$ and up to 2 500 A$. Average rector of the university receives 2 500 A$, college director - 1 580 A$, headmaster of the school earns 850 A$, head of kindergarten in Nigeria receives in the month 760 A$, college teacher respectively 650 A$.

Rector of the University
2 500 A$
College Director
1 580 A$
Headmaster of the school
850 A$
All professions (13)


Average Salaryin the field of information technology in Nigeria is from 390 A$ and up to 930 A$. Average go developer receives 930 A$, java developer - 920 A$, ios developer earns 830 A$, c# developer in Nigeria receives in the month 800 A$, data scientist respectively 800 A$.

Go Developer
930 A$
Java developer
920 A$
iOS developer
830 A$
All professions (16)


Average Salaryin design in Nigeria is from 460 A$ and up to 620 A$. Average ux/ui designer receives 620 A$, game designer - 620 A$, interior designer earns 550 A$, 3d designer in Nigeria receives in the month 520 A$, web designer respectively 500 A$.

UX/UI designer
620 A$
Game designer
620 A$
Interior designer
550 A$
All professions (10)


Average Salaryin marketing in Nigeria is from 280 A$ and up to 430 A$. Average marketing specialist receives 430 A$, event manager - 410 A$, pr manager earns 400 A$, directologist in Nigeria receives in the month 400 A$, smm specialist respectively 340 A$.

Marketing specialist
430 A$
Event Manager
410 A$
PR manager
400 A$
All professions (9)


Average Salaryin accounting and finance in Nigeria is from 420 A$ and up to 810 A$. Average trader receives 810 A$, auditor - 600 A$, chief accountant earns 580 A$, lending manager in Nigeria receives in the month 560 A$, financial analyst respectively 500 A$.

810 A$
600 A$
Chief accountant
580 A$
All professions (9)


Average Salaryfor administrative personnel in Nigeria is from 300 A$ and up to 700 A$. Average hr director receives 700 A$, assistant manager - 420 A$, hr specialist earns 410 A$, purchasing manager in Nigeria receives in the month 400 A$, head of household respectively 360 A$.

HR Director
700 A$
Assistant Manager
420 A$
HR Specialist
410 A$
All professions (8)


Average Salaryin law in Nigeria is from 280 A$ and up to 2 720 A$. Average judge receives 2 720 A$, notary - 1 270 A$, realtor earns 710 A$, bankruptcy lawyer in Nigeria receives in the month 530 A$, lawyer respectively 530 A$.

2 720 A$
1 270 A$
710 A$
All professions (9)


Average Salaryin medicine in Nigeria is from 310 A$ and up to 880 A$. Average chief medical officer receives 880 A$, head of the department - 660 A$, dentist earns 570 A$, surgeon in Nigeria receives in the month 570 A$, orthodontist respectively 550 A$.

Chief Medical Officer
880 A$
Head of the Department
660 A$
570 A$
All professions (21)


Average Salaryin public catering and restaurants in Nigeria is from 310 A$ and up to 540 A$. Average chef receives 540 A$, cook - 400 A$, waiter earns 350 A$, barista in Nigeria receives in the month 340 A$, the bartender respectively 330 A$.

540 A$
400 A$
350 A$
All professions (6)


Average Salaryin trade in Nigeria is from 260 A$ and up to 550 A$. Average sales manager receives 550 A$, store director - 500 A$, car salesman earns 480 A$, commodity expert in Nigeria receives in the month 400 A$, sales representative respectively 380 A$.

Sales Manager
550 A$
Store Director
500 A$
Car Salesman
480 A$
All professions (9)


Average Salaryin the beauty industry in Nigeria is from 270 A$ and up to 540 A$. Average massage therapist receives 540 A$, fitness trainer - 540 A$, barber earns 530 A$, cosmetologist in Nigeria receives in the month 480 A$, stylist respectively 380 A$.

Massage therapist
540 A$
Fitness Trainer
540 A$
530 A$
All professions (7)


Average Salaryin production in Nigeria is from 320 A$ and up to 600 A$. Average operations engineer receives 600 A$, chief engineer - 570 A$, design engineer earns 560 A$, quality engineer in Nigeria receives in the month 530 A$, automated control system engineer respectively 520 A$.

Operations Engineer
600 A$
Chief Engineer
570 A$
Design Engineer
560 A$
All professions (16)


Average Salaryin transport and logistics in Nigeria is from 240 A$ and up to 580 A$. Average director of logistics receives 580 A$, service engineer - 520 A$, driver earns 400 A$, taxi driver in Nigeria receives in the month 400 A$, car mechanic respectively 360 A$.

Director of Logistics
580 A$
Service Engineer
520 A$
400 A$
All professions (11)


Average Salaryin construction and housing and communal in Nigeria is from 310 A$ and up to 770 A$. Average architect receives 770 A$, foreman - 570 A$, process engineer earns 570 A$, gas welder in Nigeria receives in the month 530 A$, design engineer respectively 510 A$.

770 A$
570 A$
Process Engineer
570 A$
All professions (24)


Average Salaryin law enforcement agencies in Nigeria is from 390 A$ and up to 1 150 A$. Average police colonel receives 1 150 A$, police major - 770 A$, lieutenant, warrant officer of the police earns 540 A$, lifeguard, firefighter in Nigeria receives in the month 500 A$, occupational safety engineer respectively 480 A$.

Police Colonel
1 150 A$
Police Major
770 A$
Lieutenant, Warrant Officer of the police
540 A$
All professions (7)

Agricultural industry

Average Salaryin agriculture in Nigeria is from 330 A$ and up to 420 A$. Average zootechnik receives 420 A$, agronomist - 400 A$, tractor driver earns 370 A$, machine operator in Nigeria receives in the month 330 A$.

420 A$
400 A$
Tractor driver
370 A$
All professions (4)

Without a profession

Average Salaryin work without a profession in Nigeria is from 220 A$ and up to 360 A$. Average packer receives 360 A$, maid - 330 A$, call center operator earns 310 A$, marker in Nigeria receives in the month 310 A$, loader respectively 310 A$.

360 A$
330 A$
Call Center Operator
310 A$
All professions (11)