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Salaries in Afghanistan


The salary in Afghanistan is $205. The average salary in micro-enterprises with up to 15 employees is $123; in small enterprises with up to 100 employees it’s $185, and $226 in medium-sized companies with over 100 employees. The average salary in large enterprises from 250 people in Afghanistan is $287. In the state-financed organizations in Afghanistan, the average salary is $164.

Average salaries in Afghanistan in 2022 and 2021

Average salary in Afghanistan in 2021 , it was $199, and in 2022 - $205. Average salary growth in Afghanistan for the year was 3%.

Average monthly salary
Large enterprises
Medium enterprises
Small businesses
Public sector

Salaries in Afghanistan by field of activity

We calculate the average salary in Afghanistan by field of activity based on the main areas of employment in a particular city or country. The main areas of activity in Afghanistan so far are:

Public administration, court and notary

The average salary in Afghanistan in the state administration, the court and the notary is about $677. The salary of the head of the region is about $2 255, the salaries of local government deputies are $767, the average salaries of officials in Afghanistan region are $552. Judges salaries are approximately $1 353. The income of a private notary is $677, and the state one is about $677.

Head of the Administration
$2 255
Government deputies
Government officials
$1 353

The education system

The average salary in the education system in Afghanistan is $158. The salary of a teacher at a school is $165, and the headmaster is $316. A kindergarten teacher in Afghanistan earns about $113, in turn, the head of the kindergarten receives $282. In the higher education system in Afghanistan, salaries are 15-20% higher, a university teacher receives about $271, and a university rector receives $925. The average salary of a college or technical school teacher is $239, and the director is $586.

School teacher
Headmaster of the school
University teacher
University rector
College teacher
College director
Kindergarten teacher
Kindergarten head


The salary in the field of medicine in Afghanistan is $282. The salary of a general practitioner is $598, a surgeons salary is $406, a nurse receives $214, and the chief doctor at the hospital receives $598.

Chief Physician
General Practitioner
Doctor surgeon

Law enforcement agencies

The security ministries in Afghanistan include law enforcement agencies, the military, bailiffs, etc.; Their allowance depends, as a rule, on the rank and position. The average salary of security forces in Afghanistan is $248. The salary of a Colonel is approximately $598, of a Major is $406, of a Lieutenant or a Warrant officer is $237, and enlisted personnel earns $180.

Lieutenant, Ensign
Private, petty officer

Public catering

The average salary in the public catering sector in Afghanistan is approximately $203. The salary of a chef in a restaurant or cafe is $282, of a barista is $237, the average salary of a waiter is about $180, and fast food workers salary in Afghanistan is $158.

Fast food worker

Construction industry

The average salary in construction in Afghanistan is about $237. The salary of a civil engineer is $417, of a foreman is $316, the average salary of a house painter is about $192, of a crane operator is $226, and the salary of a construction worker is $180.

Civil engineer
House painter
Crane operator
Construction worker


The average salary in the field of information technology in Afghanistan is $316. A programmer gets about $350, a web developer about $293, and a system administrator in Afghanistan earns $259.

Web Developer
System Administrator

Office employees

The volume of the monthly average salary of office employees in various fields of activity in Afghanistan is approximately $239 dollars. A sales manager in Afghanistan receives $248, an office manager - $237, an accountant - $226, and a lawyer salary in Afghanistan is about $259.

Sales Manager
Office Manager


The monthly income of store employees in Afghanistan is $158. The salary of the cashier is $147, and the store director is $214.

Store Directors


The average salary in the transport industry in Afghanistan is $158. The salary of a driver is $180 dollars, a car mechanic is $169, and the income of a taxi driver in Afghanistan is about $316 per month.

Car mechanic
Taxi driver

Utilities sector

The average salary of employees of the housing and communal services workers in Afghanistan is about $113. The salary of a plumber is $113, of an electrician is $147, and the average salary of a street cleaner is about $101.

Street cleaner